Wrong MBTI Test Results?

How possible is it to have invalid results on your MBTI tests because you don’t see yourself clearly enough to answer in the way that you should?  I mean I have tested and re-tested as an INFJ (sometimes I got INFP, but when I read the personality descriptions, it just didn’t seem to fit), but part of me wonders if I might be an ENFJ.

I wouldn’t say I’m overly extroverted, but I’m definitely not shy or as quiet as the INFJ seems.  All of my friends, when I mention that I’m introverted, think that I’m lying.  I do need alone time, I do hate public speaking and being the center of attention in large groups, however, in small groups, I can sometimes be the life of the party, the one who keeps everyone laughing.  With people that I like and trust, I can be very talkative and sometimes talk too much, but I also know when to listen.

I can hole up in my room for the entire weekend watching Netflix and not feel deprived or lonely or like I wasted the weekend, but I could also spend the whole weekend out with friends and not feel like I need copious amounts of alone time to recharge.  I think I’m an ambivert, but I don’t know what that would make me as far as MBTI goes?

Does anyone else feel this way?


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